Rushmoor Heritage Festival - 2020

The festival run from 3rd – 31st October 2020. For a complete list of activities during the festival, see the Rushmoor Heritage Festival website, and for details of events in the town centre see this PDF link.

The Friends of the Aldershot Military Museum are delighted to be supporting the Rushmoor Heritage Festival.


This Heritage Festival gives the opportunity for the first time, to the present and indeed future generations of Rushmoor residents, to have easier access to the history of their area. With modern technology, and to those residents perhaps not so mobile, it can be done from the comfort of their own armchair. This is a wonderful opportunity for us to show you some historic aspects of Aldershot Town through the Entertaining Aldershot virtual walking tours covering past significant entertainment venues, and via the Picturing Aldershot audio tour (virtually or for real fresh air and exercise!) to look at some historic buildings with their stories which make up what the essence of Aldershot is today. The continuing work done by the Friends is vital, and we welcome anyone with an interest in preserving the history of Aldershot to join us and this helps to support the work done by our very important Aldershot Military Museum in the community, not only during this Heritage Festival time, but all year round

Picturing Aldershot

“Picturing Aldershot” is a project organised by the Aldershot Military Museum, using photos from the Museum’s archives alongside new photography to create a trail around the town centre which explores Aldershot past and present. The Friends of the Aldershot Military Museum researched the historical information for the photographs, and also compiled the audio tour which is available to guide visitors around the trail. For more information about Picturing Aldershot please see

Entertaining Aldershot: music halls, theatres and cinemas of old Aldershot

Created for the 2020 Heritage Open Days festival, the Friends of the Aldershot Military Museum are pleased to make the on-line virtual tour “Entertaining Aldershot: music halls, theatres and cinemas of old Aldershot” available during the Rushmoor Heritage festival.

This online tour takes the visitor around the sites of some of the old music halls, theatres and cinemas of Aldershot town, giving an insight into the story of how the population of Aldershot has been entertained over the last 165 years. It is completely free to view.

“Entertaining Aldershot” can be viewed as a virtual on-line tour from the comfort of an armchair, or alternatively it can be used as an audio tour using the Izi.Travel app on a smartphone for anyone who wants to walk the trail around Aldershot town centre. For details see our Heritage Events page.

On this website

The Friends’ website also contains a wealth of information about the history and heritage of Aldershot. Articles contributed by members cover a diverse range of subjects, from German prisoners of war in North Town to a Christmas riot in 1859 and local heroes of the Battle of Britain. There is an audio history of Aldershot Camp, and the text of historical articles written by members for past issues of the Aldershot Garrison Herald. One of the most popular utilities on the website is our 'Barrack Finder’ ,through which it is possible to find out which regiments were stationed in which barracks in Aldershot since 1855.