Aldershot Heritage Trails

Paul Vickers, local Historian and Chairman of the Friends, talks on B Radio about the Aldershot Heritage Trails.

B Radio is a small local radio station based in Farnborough.

There were some interview pieces which went out during a morning show and a longer podcast version.

The podcast is 20 minutes long and covers the origins of the heritage trails, some discussion of what makes Aldershot history so interesting and unique, what people can enjoy on the Heritage Trails, how to access the Aldershot Heritage Trails app and find more information.

The podcast is availble on the B Radio website here and below in the player.

Eagle Radio

The Origins Of Aldershot Camp

Paul Vickers, local Historian and Vice Chairman of the Friends, talks on Eagle Radio about the origins of Aldershot camp and how this has changed through the years. The recordings were made in 2014 as part of Eagle Radio’s Centenary: From Front Line to Peace Time programs.

Eagle Radio

Sadly, Eagle Radio no longer exists. However, you can still listen to the recordings above.