Vehicle Information - FAMM Project 2017

Project "Operation Helping Hand"

Do you have any experiences with military vehicles?

Were you in the Army using these vehicles, or perhaps worked on them as a mechanic?

The Friends of the Aldershot Military Museum (FAMM) are working with the Museum to overhaul and revitalise the information boards for their vehicles collection, to make them more informative and attractive to visitors of all ages. The Museum has 20 vehicles and 5 artillery pieces, and FAMM would very much like to hear from anyone with any personal photographs, anecdotes, or experiences with any of the types of tanks or vehicles at the Museum.

If you have any information to share, please contact us.

The vehicles in which we are interested are:


  1. FV 432 Armoured Personnel Carrier Mk 1, 1965
  2. Humber 1 Ton 'Pig', 1955
  3. Daimler Ferret Mk 1/2, 1963
  4. Sexton Self-propelled Gun, 1945
  5. Alvis Scorpion Combat Vehicle Reconnaissance Tracked (CVRT), 1973
  6. Alvis Scimitar Combat Vehicle Reconnaissance Tracked (CVRT), circa 1972
  7. Bedford RL General Service Vehicle, 1963
  8. Alvis Stalwart Amphibious High Mobility Load Carrier, 1967
  9. Alvis Saracen Armoured Personnel Carrier, 1955
  10. Challenger 1 Main Battle Tank (MBT), 1981
  11. Chieftain Main Battle Tank (MBT), 1967
  12. Alvis Saladin Armoured Car, 1960
  13. Land Rover 'Piglet',1972

In the Montgomery Barn

  1. Bedford J1 Ambulance, 1960
  2. Wheeled Stretcher carrier, c. WW1
  3. Hand barrow
  4. Bicycle, c. WW2
  5. Military Pattern General Service Wagon, c.1898
  6. Willy's ΒΌ ton Jeep, 1943, used by General Horrocks


  1. 25.Pounder Field Gun, 1943
  2. 76mm gun from Sherman Tank
  3. Russian 120mm anti-tank gun
  4. Wombat 120mm gun, 1954
  5. Howitzer, 5.5 inch, 1942

More information and photos will appear here as we work on this project.