Aldershot Heritage Trails

On Saturday 19th November 2016, the plans for the proposed Aldershot Heritage Trails were presented to the public in Aldershot town centre. We were asking people to fill out a survey with their thoughts on the proposed Trails. Here are some photos from the day. In the photos are Paul Vickers and Mike Gardiner from the Friends and Ed Bartlett and Carla Norton from Grainger Plc.

rushmoorIf didn’t have a chance to fill out a survey, then you can still do this online by visiting the Rushmoor Borough Council website where you can see more details of the Trails. Click the Rushmoor Borough Council logo to visit their website.


ConsultationClick on the Aldershot Heritage Trails logo to view the PDF that has been produced for the Public Consultation, this show maps, pictures and signage.


AHT MapsClick on the Map to view an interactive set of maps showing all the trails. The main map allows you to drill down into each trail. On each trail you can move your mouse over each location to get a description of that location. For the zones, you can click on the zone to get details of what can be found in that zone. Where trails overlap, you can click to get to that trail. At present we haven’t put up any photographs on the maps, partly due to copyright restricts and party due to that fact that we want you to actual visit the trails. Note: These interactive maps are best viewed on a computer-PC. Also note that the numbering of the points on the trails are only for reference; you may join the trail at any point.

An improved set of maps can be found here , but please note that this is still work-in-progress; there are lots of pictures and information still to be added!