Aldershot Barrack Finder: 1855 - 1976

Updates - September 2017

We have some exciting updates to Barrack Finder from Paul Vickers. Paul has been busy updating the list adding details for 1939-1976 and has also added details for 1901-1903. Paul explains these updates: -

Post-World War Two updates up to 1976

To find these I looked at all the annual ‘Arms Plot’ files in the National Archives, which contain all the movement orders for units around the world, and worked through finding the orders for units posted in or out of Aldershot. Interestingly, Aldershot does not appear in the early years and only features from the 1950s. We know that Aldershot was heavily involved in training National Servicemen after the war, and from the Arms Plots it seems that the regulars came back when the forces were pulled out of the Middle East. The files in the National Archive end in the 1970s, presumably because later years are not yet open records (the Arms Plot files were originally marked ‘Secret’), so I need to find some other method of locating the details after 1976.

Added detail for 1901-1903

Victor Waller’s original data did not include the years of the South African War (Second Boer War), on the entirely reasonable grounds that there were so many troops passing through Aldershot that it was impossible to list them. However, following a query from one of our members I went back and had a detailed look at the monthly ‘Distribution of the Army’ returns from 1901 to 1904. From these it became clear that there was a period when, towards the end of the war, there were some regular units posted to Aldershot alongside the huge ‘reserves’ units which were training and sending soldiers to South Africa. As the war reached its end the number of regular resident units gradually increased until the garrison returned to its normal peace-time organisation. So I have added the details of the regular resident units for these years to Victor’s original data.