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Group photo after our vist to Brooklands Museum 2018.

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To celebrate our 30th anniversary, the site has taken on a new responsive look. This gives a better experience when viewed on wide screen monitors and mobile devices. Our pages contain a lot of large images and are best viewed on a PC using the Google Chrome browser.

When viewing a submenu the main menu bar has been removed. To return to the main menu click the "Home" link or our icon (the Museum Building) at the top of the page. This is to allow us to add more items to the submenus and to give a better user experience when viewing on smaller screens.

Latest News

More FAMM Talks
Roger Deason will be giving a talk in September on Horse racing in Aldershot 1856 – 1927.

Jamie Ingram will be giving a talk in October on the use of historic graffiti as evidence for religious activity in the past.
Details can be found on our Events Page.

Memorial to Alan and Smudge
Memorial pages for both Alan Grover and Harold “Smudge” Smith have been added. They were both long serving members of the Friends that have sadly passed away.
Details can be found on our Memorial Page.

boyce Annual Excursion - Wednesday 23rd May 2018
See pictures from our visted to Brooklands Museum on the Events Page.

FAMM Talks for 2018
The September FAMM Talk will be about "Horse racing in Aldershot 1856 – 1927", presented by Roger Deason. Roger is a member of the Friends of Aldershot Military Museum and is currently finishing work on the history of the pubs and breweries of Aldershot. He is probably better known for his work on Aldershot in World War One.
Details can be found on our events page, along with the other talks for 2018.

garrison.017 Garrison Herald (017) - Christmas in Wartime
The unedited version Garrison Herald article for December 2017/January 2018 is now available on our website.
Click the image for details.

toye FAMM and the Edge Project
The Friends of the Aldershot Military Museum are pleased to be the heritage partner for the Edge Project Aldershot in their latest venture, “War Town”.
See the Projects Page for details.

toye The Alfred Maurice Toye VC Memorial
More details of Maurice Toye and his medal-winning actions have been added.
See the Members Page for details.

boyce FAMM News
Gerry Walters has stepped down from his position as Chairman. This is unfortunate for the Committtee and the Friends and we thank him very much for all his hard work and dedication as Chairman during this very difficult period with all the ongoing changes taking place at the Museum. Thankfully for us all, he stays a member and will continue as our first port of call in the "DIY Department."
In the meantime, Dean Hollands, our Vice Chairman has agreed to be "Acting Chairman" until the November Annual General Meeting. Likewise John Fitzpatrick has stepped up from the ranks of Friends, to be "Acting Vice Chairman."

ht Heritage Trails
Our new Heritage Project Officer as you know is Paul Vickers, and he is significantly involved in developing the Heritage Trails with other groups in and around Aldershot. Paul is working on the content of the Information Panels that will be sited along the various routes. He is seeking support from any Friends who would be interested in helping him, by contributing their specialist military knowledge. Please let him know if you are interested, and he will let you know the details of what he needs.
See our Heritage Trails page for more details.

hh Project Operation Helping Hand
On Wednesday 21 st February, Dean our Project Manager met with Nick Suffolk who is the Hampshire Culture Trust Coordinator for this Project. During the meeting Dean handed over the material collected by the Friends about the vehicles, guns and Montgomery’s Barn so that the proposed improvements can be made.

Nick was delighted with the work undertaken by the Friends and asked that his thanks be passed to all concerned for a job well done, and one which could not have been achieved within the time scales needed without the Friends help and support. Besides the use by the Museum of this information, it will also be uploaded to our Website for you to see.

The Committee would like to thank everyone who helped with the Project and offer a special thanks to Don Macnaughton for the significant contribution he made in making the Project such a success.
Our Projects page will be updated soon with the information.

raptc badge RAPTC Museum Website
As I also volunteer at the Royal Army Physical Training Corps Museum, I thought that you might be interested in the museum new web site that has been launched today (5th January 2018).
Click the image to view the web page.

garrison.016 Fit to Fight: A History of the Royal Army Physical Training Corps 1860–2015
A book by Nikolai Bogdanovic has been published and well worth a look. This is a complete history of the RAPTC from its formation to the present day, illustrated with stunning images from the regimental collection, including historical photographs, commissioned pictures of objects and fine art, and facsimile reproductions of documents.
Click the image for details.

statue Wellington Statue Information Boards
After time, the Information Boards around the Wellington Statue, commissioned by the Friends, have suffered from the weather. The wooden frames had rotted and there was a build-up of grime behind the Perspex sheets. The signs were in danger of collapsing.

In September 2017, the boards were repositioned on the metal railings around the statue.

Unfortunately, the fixings weren’t strong enough to hold the boards. However, the Friends have rescued the boards. Gerry (our Chairman) has made new frames and has fixed them securely to the metal railing around the statue.
Click the image to see pictures of the new boards.

AHT Maps Aldershot Barrack Finder: Canadian Units
Barracks Finder now includes Canadian Units known to have been stationed in Aldershot in the Second World War. Aldershot became the centre for the Canadian Army Overseas and thousands of Canadians served in Aldershot between 1939 and 1946. In the files of the Aldershot Military Museum are copies of some of the contemporary Location Statements, from the Public Archives of Canada, and from these documents a large number of Canadian units and their locations have been identified and are now listed in the Barracks Finder.
Click the image to go to Barrack Finder.

Book2 Aldershot Military Heritage
New book release: Aldershot Military Heritage by Paul H. Vickers. This is a available to pre-order on Amazon and is released on 15 July 2017.
See the books page for more details.

Book2 Gale & Polden
Our book list has been updated with information on a new book: The Story of Gale & Polden 1866-1981 by David Strong.
See the Books page for more details.

Book2 Guns & Drums
Some new pictures from Guns & Drums have been added; provided by Paul Vickers. The Guns & Drums page has moved from "Events" section to the "Museum" section.
See Guns & Drums page for more details.

Battle of Passchendaele
The 100 years’ anniversary of the start of the Battle of Passchendaele (more correctly known as the 3rd Ypres) is on the 31st July 2017. Paul Vickers has written an article on Aldershot and Passchendaele which can be viewed here.

Audio Audio History
Paul Vickers, local Historian and Vice Chairman of the Friends, talks on Eagle Radio about the origins of Aldershot camp and how this has changed through the years. The recordings were made in 2014 as part of Eagle Radio’s Centenary: From Front Line to Peace Time programs.
Click the image to go to Audio History.

AHT Maps Aldershot Heritage Trails - Interactive Maps
Update: New look maps

A set of interactive maps showing the Aldershot Heritage Trails is available. The main map allows you to drill down into each trail. On each trail you can move your mouse over each location to get a description of that location. For the zones, you can click on the zone to get details of what can be found in that zone. Where trails overlap, you can click to get to that trail. At present we haven’t put up any photographs on the maps, partly due to copyright restricts and party due to that fact that we want you to actual visit the trails.

Note: These interactive maps are best viewed on a computer-PC. Also note that the numbering of the points on the trails are only for reference; you may join the trail at any point.
Click the image to view the maps.

Recruiting Posters Museum Historic Recruiting Posters
The old posters in the museum have been replaced with new copies of the orignals. Paid for by a brequest from the late Peter Jenner.
Click the image for details.

Aldershot-Heritage-Trails Aldershot Heritage Trails
Aldershot has a wealth of rich military and civilian history, and to celebrate this, we are proposing to create five heritage trails across the town which will highlight the historic buildings and monuments that can be found in the area.
Click the image for details.

Book Aldershot History Tour
New book release: Aldershot History Tour by Paul H. Vickers.
See the books page for more details.